US Marine overcome with emotion when he meets his new Beagle friend

US Marine Peter Coukoulis was overcome with emotion when he received an early Christmas present from his mum, Dena.

Peter was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, after returning from active service in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

After returning to civilian life, PTSD took its toll on Peter and Dena was worried about him. Dena wanted to try something new to help her son’s healing process, so she decided to get him a puppy Beagle.

Peter had a Beagle, Jackie, but Jackie passed away during Peter’s time in Afghanistan. Peter only found out about Jackie’s death when he returned, which left him devastated.

So Dena’s idea seems to be just what Peter needed.

Peter met his new friend in the family kitchen with family and friends gathered around to share this special moment with him. He is obviously smitten.