This really excited poodle is the dancing queen of her doggy day care

Everybody loves a good dance session, everybody including poodles.

This particular poodle, named Nutella, found something very exciting and didn’t know any other way to celebrate than to shake her little booty. While at a doggy day care in Brisbane, Australia, Nutella danced back and forth on her hind legs while her doggy friends looked on.

None of them seemed too bothered by her antics.

Truthfully they didn’t even seem to notice the dancing queen that was beside them.

At one point one of Nutella’s friends joined in, but their number was short-lived.

Go Nutella, go!

This isn’t the first video of a dancing poodle making its way around the web. Do we smell the potential for a new show on Animal Planet, perhaps Dancing with the Poodles?

Source: Excited poodle puppy can’t stop dancing by furryKidsatplay on Rumble