Chihuahua tears up the dance floor with wicked disco moves

Milk and cookies, ice cream and chocolate, Chihuahua’s and disco music – these all go together likes bread and butter- and this video is proof. When you have happy feet and music the only thing to do is to get up on your hind legs and move to the groove.

This puppy has some sweet moves that even John Travolta would be impressed with!

Chihuahuas are a feisty breed of dog. The American Kennel Club refers to this dog as “saucy,” and with good reason: Despite their small size, these dogs have a ton of personality. They come from Mexico, but originally Chihuahuas are believed to be descended from an ancient breed, the techichi. Toltecs (an archaeological Mesoamerican culture) in Mexico kept these pups as lap dogs as early as the 9th century CE. Many believe that Christopher Columbus might have brought them to Europe as well. Experts know for sure these small dogs come from Mexico, but the route they took to Europe is not quite as clear. Christopher Columbus wrote a letter to the King of Spain that referenced these very small dogs, and it is quite possible that collected some and brought them back from his travels.

Over time, Chihuahuas seem to have shrunk in size. The earliest version of the dog was most likely a much larger one than the one’s we see today. There is speculation that the Chinese brought them to Alaska across the Bering Strait, and that the shrinkage in their size occurred after they were crossed with a small hairless breed from Asia.

Chihuahuas have a soft spot on their heads called molera, just like human babies do when they are born. But unlike our babies, a Chihuahua may have the soft spot for their whole life. Genetics, skeletal structure, and size help to determine if any particular dog will keep that soft spot. If your Chihuahua happens to be a show dog, they are not penalized for having one. After all, how could you penalize a dog that has the biggest brain in the dog world (relative to their body size). These little buggers are extremely quick-witted and easy to train. They are easy to train in most areas, anyway. Unfortunately, Chihuahuas are not easy to housebreak due to their small bladder and a rather stubborn personality but they sure can dance!

Source: Dancing Chihuahua puppy shows off moves by lilichannel on Rumble