Boy pulls his loose tooth out using a bow and arrow!

One of the many milestones in life we are able to experience more than once is losing a tooth as a child. Cayden here sets the bar pretty high for one of the most creative ways to pull out a tooth and he will definitely be getting a little extra from the tooth fairy for this one.

Watch as he ties a string to his loose tooth on one end and an arrow on the other. That’s right, an arrow as in bow and arrow! He’s going to shoot this loose tooth out into never never land.

Pull back, breathe, focus, and let er’ rip!

Cayden isn’t the only one to find a creative way to pull a loose tooth. In fact, do a quick Google search and you will find a ton of “special” ways to make a tooth pulling extra special. Here are a few that we found:

  • A dad helped his daughter pull her loose tooth by attaching a string to the tooth on one end and a remote control flying model airplane on the other. Success!
  • Tahoe the dog helped a little girl simply by jumping and wiggling so much, her tooth was out long before a ball attached to her tooth was thrown! Ouch!
  • Using a motorcycle to pull out a loose tooth might seem like overkill, but it worked!
  • A little boy set up his own innovative tooth-pulling using a string and his speedy remote controlled car.
  • We’re not sure if this would be NASA approved, but a tooth tied to a launched toy rocket sure did the trick!
  • One kid grabbed his dads work boot, the steel toed variety and attached a string from a boot to his tooth. After simply dropping the tooth – wah lah! The tooth was out!
  • I bet you think a winter mitten is only used to keep a hand warm in cold weather, don’t you? An older sister put one on so she could reach into her little sister’s mouth to grab hold of her loose tooth to yank it out! The mitten was strictly for “sanitary” purpose.

Do you have a story to tell about how you pulled your loose tooth out? Let’s hear from you!

That’s one brave kid.

Source: Kid pulls out his first tooth in most epic way possible! by sullardsw on Rumble