Automatons are helping construction workers more and more

Automatons are devices that perform thanks to encoded instructions, meaning that they do not have to be manually handled as often as other machines, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “labor-saving devices.” While most people think of robots writing with pens when they hear the word “automaton,” these devices can also be used for more pragmatic and awesome purposes.

Clearing up the roads for you will sure make snow days fun again!

No wonder people ‘working on the railroad’ have so much time to sing about it!

Now if we could only find a way to do this with presents, the Christmas season would be less taxing.

Did the Jetsons move to a farm or something?

If only airplanes made themselves into automatons!

There are just seemingly infinite purposes for these machines.

Rice is nice!

Hopefully, they could find and dig out those trolls!

It’s nice and all, but is the train automatic, too?

Follow the Red Brick Road!

These machines are just so helpful and fun! No wonder little kids want to drive trucks when they grow up!

Source: Cool machines! Let’s automate them all! by attivotv on Rumble