Drone Footage Reveals Erosion on Pacific Coast in California

Living beside the water is something lots of people dream about. Many people dream of having a house along the coast, and if possible, direct access to the beach. But, these houses are situated a little to close to the cliff for comfort.

Due to heavy rains and landslides caused by El Niño, some houses are in imminent danger of sliding over the edge of an eroding cliff. So local authorities declared a state of emergency in Pacifica, California and evacuated the houses along Esplanade Avenue. They also declared them uninhabitable to prevent further danger.

With parts of their backyards already falling onto the beach below, the extent of this erosion directly threatens these houses. Although work is underway to stabilize the cliff, the ocean is still hammering away relentlessly at the shoreline.

The following drone footage shows the actual damage and the enormous power of the waves. Maybe it would be wise to build a little further away from shore in future.