This devoted dog sprints after ambulance, as his master is rushed to hospital–amazing loyalty!

While an ambulance was rushing a patient off to the hospital, one of the paramedics noticed in his rear-view mirror a dog in hot pursuit. The pet caught up to the vehicle and looked up at them desperately. They realized that their patient was the dog’s master!

The dog had been following them for several minutes as they headed to the hospital in Goiana, Brazil. One of the medics first saw the dog in his driver-side mirror, bounding down the middle of the road. It then continued running alongside them, in-between the sidewalk and the emergency vehicle.

One of the paramedics named, Celiomar Ferreira do Couto, 42, videotaped the whole encounter. “Doesn’t he get tired?” One man was heard saying on the recording. One of the men shouted to the dog:

“Go home. Go and have a rest, give up.”

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Exhausted: At one stage the dog crossed to the pavement, beginning to fall behind as it ran out of breath
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The men knew this pooch was desperately chasing after its best-friend in the whole world—a homeless man—his master. Do Couto explained how moved his teammates were by the dog’s love and loyalty. The pooch looked up at them pleadingly, as if begging for help.

Knowing that the dog would never make the journey all the way to the hospital, having pity for the desperate pet, the crew halted the vehicle, and let the pooch join his ailing owner. Quietly, the pooch sat by its owner’s side for the remainder of the journey.

Reinvigorated: The dog ran alongside the ambulance between it and the pavement, to the crew
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Catch-up: The dog drawing level with the ambulance in a feat which prompted pity by the crew
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“We couldn’t believe how well-behaved the dog was,” do Couto said. “It just sat quietly and patiently beside its owner. It didn’t even bark.

“The [dog’s owner] was in and out of consciousness but he could see his companion was right there with him on the way.”

Upon arriving at the hospital, the paramedics put the man on a stretcher. He had suffered from an epileptic seizure.

Let me on board! The pet looks imploringly up at the ambulance
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Paramedic Celiomar Ferreira do Couto said:
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Faithful: The dog next to its owner on a stretcher in hospital. The outcome of his treatment is unknown
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“I’ve been doing this job for 19 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said do Couto. “Sometimes we arrive at the scene of an emergency and there are pets around but they are too shy for us to get close to and they often run way. I have never seen this reaction in all my career.”

The loyal pet sat right next to it’s owner’s stretcher while he awaited treatment at the hospital.

The man who took the videotape was unable to verify the outcome of the emergency, nor was the hospital able to comment on the result.

It is remarkable the bonds of loyalty and love between living creatures great and small. It is something that guides our actions and gives us direction in life—just as it guided this poor pooch to run after his owner. We hope this devout pet will be reunited with his master (in the very best of health) very soon!