20 priceless photos of animals’ ‘fearful’ first-time encounters in life

These 20 shots take animals out of their comfort zone, and into the unknown, as they experience something new for the first time. We all know how it feels to be a little nervous or uneasy faced with something unfamiliar… it’s just more funny when it happens to our pets!

Animals also experience their ‘firsts’ in life. In these photos, we see their hilarious reactions as they encounter the new, the strange and the unfamiliar for the first time—and it’s priceless! Perhaps we can even relate to their reactions, drawing from our first encounters in life: we all remember, that first date, that first job interview…

Getting out of our comfort zones is part of living, it’s how we grow, and learn. For our animals though, it’s pure entertainment, and it’s one more reason why we love our pets!

1. This dog is seeing kittens for the first time

Credits: Reddit | newireland321wsk

2.  Husky and kangaroo encounter in the park

3. Rescue dog has a bed and a home for the fist time

Credits: Reddit | CollectiveOfCells

4. A fluffy white kitty discovers fluffy white snowy.

5. Polar bear cub gets a taste of home for the first time.

Credits: Soren Koch of Hilmer and Koch Photography

6. Three cats’ first encounter with an electric vacuum.

Credits: Imgur | mydicknmybutt

7. House cat meets baby. Can those eyes get any bigger?

Credits: Reddit | manychairs

8. Cat inhaling fresh air for the first time

Credits: Imgur | simpleminded

9. Puppies encounter a basket full of  living fluff.

Credits: Reddit | my_lastaccount

10. A dog’s natural reaction to subway travel

Credits: Reddit | firerunswyld

 11.Kittens in awe of rotating ceiling fan

Credits: Reddit | artschoolkiddropout

12. Puppy experiencing snow for the first time

Credits: Reddit | sumptimwong

13. Cat’s first time seeing snow flakes

Credits: Reddit | datta damyata

14. Baby bear’s first climbing lesson

This baby bear's first time getting a climbing lesson.

#15.  Dog’s first encounter with ice … oops

Credits: Youtube | TJ Parke

16. This apartment-raised cat seeing the outside world for the first time, “where are my boots”?

Credits: Reddit | natanael85

18. These two golden eye ducklings taking their first flight from the nest

Credits: fantastisk.blogspot

19. This dog’s  seeing her shadow for  the first time

Credits: Youtube | Rumble Viral

20  First time ever lion cub goes for a swim

Credits: Reddit | trot-trot