Newborn with no heartbeat, no pulse–doctors said, ‘pull the plug’, but mother’s hope saved baby!

Trisha finally gave birth to a new baby boy after having 7 miscarriages. Alarmingly, this newborn had no heartbeat when he was born! Although the doctors were able to revive him, they believed he would be braindead. But his mother believed in having hope, and refused to pull the plug on her new son, Ezrah. 10 months later, Ezrah was released from Intensive Care, and celebrated his first birthday—now a thriving, healthy boy!

Trisha Bell and her husband already had one child, a son, and for some time, they had been trying desperately for a second child, but to no avail. Sadly, their attempts had led to seven heartbreaking miscarriages. Trisha felt crushed “spiritually, mentally, and emotionally”, and was prepared to give up. However, just when things seemed the most hopeless, she soon discovered that she had become pregnant again. Yet, her initial excitement was overshadowed by a deep fear of losing yet another baby.

“I had to make the choice in my heart, that even if I were to lose this baby too, that this baby deserved to be loved with no fear attached,” Trisha said. “So I promised my baby, every day I would shower [him] with nothing but positivity and love. I would celebrate every day we had, no matter what would come our way.”

Both Trisha and her husband were euphoric during the first trimester of the pregnancy, which seemed perfectly sound. They planned to name the baby Ezrah, a biblical Hebrew name from the Old Testament. Upon birth however, the situation turned grave, as the baby was born with no heartbeat, no sign of breath and no pulse—the baby was clinically dead.

After “11 long minutes” of being in a coma, and being kept alive on breathing machines, the boy was revived by the doctors. But, after 11 minutes with no heartbeat, and no oxygen, they told Trisha that her son would be braindead and have no quality of life; that he would never be able to eat on his own, walk, talk or smile. And, suggested that they pull the plug on her newborn child. How wrong they would turn out to be!

Indeed, not only did the boy survive, he turned out to be a perfectly healthy baby.

Ten months later, the Neonatal Intensive Care followed up with Trisha about her son, before releasing him, and found the boy to be physically normal. Trisha shared her wonder and joy on her Facebook post:

“He is healthy. He is thriving. He is amazing! He is EVERYTHING the doctors told me he wouldn’t be (And the doctors LOVE that they’re wrong!!) Miracles happen!! Doubts your doubts, but NEVER doubt your faith. My son is moving mountains!”

During her son’s recovery process, Trisha also posted her experience nursing her son back to health through breastfeeding. She posted her experience of this:

“…I remember sitting in the hospital, praying, hoping, crying. I remember wanting to fix him. I remember feeling so useless, my body had failed my son.

“…As I sat next to his bed trying to figure out what I could do to help him, I finally realized there WAS something I could do. As his mother, I knew I could provide the very most important thing that no one else could offer, MY MILK!…

“I didn’t know if my milk would do much for his injury, but I had so much faith that it would. I had no idea how quickly I would learn the power of Mothers Milk. It is simply, pure MAGIC!

“And Now, 14 months later, I know my milk has played a part in healing my child’s brain injury. I KNOW it. Women’s bodies are SO incredible. The way we are so connected to our children. The way our bodies know exactly what to do during child birth. The way we heal… And then we choose to do it all over again! It’s incredibly beautiful.”

I wrote this post on Ezrah’s birthday, but struggled with deciding if I wanted or should, share these very personal details of that very first day.. but tonight something led me back to this post and for some reason, I feel the need to share it.. “One whole year later. That’s 365 days. 8,765 hours. 525,949 minutes. What’s crazy to me, is that it still feels just like yesterday.. Last month I got copies of Ezrah’s hospital papers that explain that first month of his life in complete detail. I want to share with you the very first hour of his life. Ezrah was born, October 24th at 2:05pm. At 30 seconds of life, it was confirmed by 3 nurses that Ezrah had no respiratory effort and no heart rate. He was gray and pale and was immediately put on a ventilator. At 50 seconds of life compressions were started and “code blue” was called. At 2:09 his heart rate was at 0. Chest compressions were continued. At 2:11 he finally had a heart rate of 40 and thready. By 2:14 he was given 2 rounds of epi. At 2:15 his heart rate was noted to be 147 but He continued to have no movement. At 2:29 he made his very first cry. At 2:39 he was given 2 blood transfusions. At 3:02 life flight arrived to prep him for the move… I still don’t have the notes from life flight, but this gives you a glimpse of what Ezrah went through. For 7 minutes (that we know of) my baby had no heartbeat, but even then he didn’t have a strong enough heartbeat until 11 minutes of life.. 11 minutes. That’s a really long time. That’s a mile run. That’s a load of laundry to fold. That’s the length of a long shower.. He fought so hard. He succeeded. He’s proof that miracles happen. I remind myself often, How lucky are we to be able to witness something so incredibly amazing. Although I don’t understand why we were given these challenges, I know without a doubt that our Ezrah has a gigantic purpose on earth. This boy has only begun moving mountains.”

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It has been over one year since Ezrah’s amazing recovery, and he is now doing just great—far beyond the doctors’ expectations for a baby who had been born clinically dead. Trisha truly believes her baby was saved by God, and she shared her thanks on another Facebook post:

“I don’t know what gods plans are for me and my family, but I do know that god works in mysterious ways and all we can do is put our trust in him,” she wrote on Facebook. “We all have our own struggles but we have the choice to choose if the fight is worth fighting. We have the choice to choose to give our all in our darkest hours. And let me tell you, choosing to fight IS worth it.”