Hero mom, pregnant with quadruplets and fighting cancer, forgoes treatment to save her babies

When Kayla Gaytan turned 29, doctors found that her chest cavity was full of tumors—she had cancer. After several months of chemo, she got another huge surprise: she was pregnant with quadruplets!

Kayla Gaytan and her soldier husband already had two kids, and lived at Fort Campbell, US. After she had just turned 29, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma—a form of cancer.

A year before she had developed an itch that wouldn’t go away, which was later discovered to be caused by the illness. X-rays revealed that her chest cavity was 1/3 full of tumors, while her lymph nodes were enlarged. After several months of punishing treatment, the cancer seemed to go into remission… and at around the same time she got another shocker: she was pregnant… with quadruplets!

©Kayla Shea Gaytan

Without the help of fertility drugs, Kayla had become pregnant with spontaneous quadruplets. Both parents were ecstatic with joy. “It was more than a complete shock, but also such a blessing,” she said. “There were four healthy heart beats. It’s truly a miracle”. Although the pregnancy went fairly smoothly, 6 months into the pregnancy the cancer reared its ugly head, and came back.

Kayla had a choice: either to start cancer treatment again—which would put the babies’ health at risk—or to hold out for the sake of her unborn children. She chose to hold out for as long as she could. Originally, she aimed to last until the 34-week period, however, she soon began to feel very uncomfortable.

“My body was telling me that I needed to start treatment sooner, so we ended up taking (the babies) out at 30 weeks,” she explained.

©Kayla Shea Gaytan

Thankfully, all 4 babies were born safe and sound, and were in good health! The quadruplets, Michael, Victoria, Charles and Lillian ranged in weight from 2 lbs. 8 oz. to 3 lbs. 2 oz.. They would be kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care for a while in order to ensure their healthy development. This brave mother had done as much as she could to ensure her babies were brought into the world unharmed.

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Now, Kayla faces her own battle like a real soldier.

“I’m a very stubborn person. I believe that’s part of what has gotten me this far,” said Kayla. “My advice to other moms, or anyone really facing cancer or any other challenges in life, is to just have faith. Even when it’s tested, continue to believe that things will work themselves out.”

The doctors’ have now discovered tumors around her chest, neck and armpit areas, and are working to treat her; however the odds are a bit dicey—the doctors give her around 50% chance of survival. We wish this selfless hero all the good luck in the world to help her get well, and give her the chance to raise her new family.

“I want my kids to understand when they get older that I fought as hard as I could for them. No matter the outcome at the end”.

In order to give her unborn children a chance at life, this brave mother held off on her treatment—to save her children—until the 30-week period when she could wait no longer; and her babies were born as healthy as could be! Such selfless love and devotion!