Embryo-adopted twins, born shockingly 4 months early, to celebrate their second anniversary in September!

These non-biological twins were adopted as embryos, but due their surrogate mother’s sudden health issues they were born at 23 weeks. Doctors said that these premature twins had little chance to survive. But now they are all set to mark their second anniversary this year!

Adoptive parents Jourdan and Matt Moore had to make a tough decision in the year 2015, before their adopted twins came to the world. “The doctor looked at me and said the babies are coming right now and at 23 weeks they will not make it,” Jourdan told The Sun.

The couple was facing two options: resuscitating the twin babies or giving them palliative care. Doctors advised them to take the latter one because the chance for survival was just 21 percent. “The doctors wanted to let nature take its course, but we couldn’t give up on our miracle children,” said the twins’ mom. “Thankfully, we didn’t.”

The premature twins were delivered by Cesarean section four months early, weighing just 1 lb 1 oz and 1 lb 6 oz.

Cadence is 26 days old in this photo. ©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

In this photo Jaxson is smaller than a bottle of iced coffee when he was 22 days old.

                                                                    ©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

The happy family enjoys outdoors life after one year. ©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore
Jourdan suffers from severe Crohn’s disease and cannot carry a pregnancy due to her treatment. The couple wanted to adopt a child but could not get any for 10 years so they decided to try embryo adoption.

The twins were thus adopted as embryos. But while most mothers choose to carry their adopted embryos, Jourdan’s physical condition did not allow this. Luckily, her friend Hollie Mentesana agreed to be a surrogate.

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Hollie carried the embryos, and everything went smoothly until 23 weeks into pregnancy. Then, Hollie fell sick and was admitted into Portland’s St Vincent’s Hospital. At this time the twin babies had to be delivered by a Cesarean section as soon as possible.

Five days later, Jaxson and Cadence were born in severely underdeveloped conditions. They were put in separate incubators in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Jourdan and Hollie on the embryo transfer day. ©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

Those first months were very trying for the couple. At day 16, Jaxson stopped breathing with his heart almost stopping.

“I watched an amazing team of NICU staff jump into action,” Jourdan described the terrifying situation on her Instagram. “His tiny body was still and gray as one nurse gave chest compressions with her thumbs, another breathed for him with a bag, and a doctor re-intubated him placing the tube down his throat.”

“As an adoptive mother, I never had a chance to feel the babies kick inside the womb,” she said. She did five hours of skin-to-skin contact with the twins. It was as if a compensation for her to establish a bond between mom and babies.

The couple shared photos and their story, hoping to bring comfort to other parents with premature babies. “We hope other NICU parents find hope in our story and the importance of skin-to-skin ‘kangaroo care,’ not just for mothers but for fathers as well,” Matt told HuffPost.

Dad Matt gives Cadence, one-month-old, skin-to-skin care.

©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

Cadence, 32 days old, is in mom’s warm embrace.

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On Dec. 31, 2016, merely  two weeks before the original due date of Jan. 14. 2016, the twins left the hospital, and now the babies are on regular physical and occupational therapy to support their healthy development.

“I was in the NICU every day and saw babies that didn’t make it, despite being born bigger and stronger than mine. I’m so blessed and lucky that we had a good outcome, but that’s not the case for everyone,” Jourdan told The Sun.

Jaxson, wearing glasses, is 11 months old.

©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

Adorable Caence is at 11 months.

©Facebook | Journey To Mini-Moore

Now the twins are much bigger than the bottles of iced coffee!

When the twins were in the NICU it was difficult to relay in photos just how tiny they actually were. A NICU nurse suggested we take a photo next to a well known object, and continue taking photos next to that same object as they grow. Those of you who have been following will remember this coffee bottle from earlier posts. Jaxson and Cadence turn one-year-old in a couple of weeks so I thought it was time for another comparison photo. This was the first time Jaxson actually picked up the bottle with both hands and used the cap as a teething toy! I am honored that God chose us to be the parents to those tiny babies. To witness this growth and watch this miracle unfold in slow motion right before our eyes had been life changing. Top left photo: Cadence – 10/15/15, 22 days old *Weight – 1lb 5oz Top right photo: Jaxson – 10/15/15, 22 days old *Weight – 1lb 8oz Bottom photo: Cadence about 17 lbs and Jaxson about 16 lbs. Currently 11 months old, (7 months adjusted age).

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Jourdan and Matt’s story is inspiring. When we are in the time of adversity, even though most people say it is hopeless and even though professionals advise us to give up, if we keep carrying on, things are bound to turn around. If we fall to the lowest, we’re bound to rise up. If we come to the darkest point, we should remember lights must be around the corner, because nothing will be darker after the darkest.