Adorable baby with amazing 5-inch coiffure–doctors could see his locks in ultrasound scan!

This baby boy had such a head of hair, doctors were able to see it in his mother’s Ultrasound scan before he was born. Now, this newborn from Nampa Idaho has a shocking 5-inch-long do that his parents can’t seem to keep under control.

Doctors and medical staff were blown away after they noticed that Oliver Dunn—while still in his mother’s whom—had hair during his ultrasound scan. He was born with a full head of hair to the amusement of his parents, Angie, and Brian Dunn, 33, and 32. From the day of his ultrasound, to his birth, to the present day, Oliver’s mop has garnered amazement from all who saw it.

“The first time we realised was during an ultrasound, when my doctors said ‘wow, he has a lot of hair,’” said Angie, a first-grade school teacher.

“But even I was surprised how much hair he had when he was born, all the doctors, nurses were shocked because he had a tonne of it.

“Even people from other wards were coming into the room just to see his hair.”

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Since then, this baby’s lovable locks have grown at a steady 1 inches per month; that’s a faster rate than some adults. This means Oliver will be in desperate need of a trim very soon. His hair was already reported to be 5 inches long in March.

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“Oliver was born with a full head of hair and he’s not lost any of it since then, if anything it became longer, puffier and thicker,” Angie said.

“His hair is now around five inches on the top and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop growing any time soon.

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Although his parents have tried wetting and combing his coiffure, no amount of taming has yet to keep it from spiking up. His parents say that he looks “permanently electrocuted”. She also claims she doesn’t use any hair fixatives or other products to boost her baby’s hair volume.

“It’s so static-like that it looks like he’s been electrocuted and no matter what I try, it won’t keep down,” Angie said.

“Like most mum’s do, I’ve licked my finger and tried to stick it down, but it never works, it’s like his hair is static all of the time.

“Some people have commented that he looks like a baby Chris Farley or like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, which I find really funny.”

“After giving him a bath, I brush his hair down but it pops back up by the time it’s dried.”

“There’s nothing you can do to make his hair lie down.”

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Angie added: “Most parents have to wait until their baby is one or older for their first haircut, but I think Oliver’s will need to be done much sooner.

“It’s already getting really scruffy and covering his eyes, but I’m a bit cautious as I don’t want it to change too much, I just want it trimmed by about an inch.

“I’m worried it will change how he looks, because his hair is such a big part of his identity, to see it go would make me very sad.”

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