Touching photo showing 101-year-old grandma holding her newborn great-granddaughter goes viral!

The endearing photo of a grandma holding her great-granddaughter, tells a story that spans 4 generations. It is a refection of how tumultuous life can be, but also of what is most important in life: the predestined ties between us and the people in our lives.

In this heartwarming picture, a great-grandmother cradles her great-granddaughter Kaylee for the first time. The elderly lady, Rosa Camfield, passed away soon afterward at the age of 101. Kaylee’s mother, Sarah Hamm, 33, was the one who took the photo of Rosa and Kaylee together. She posted it on social media. It was then shared on the Facebook page ‘Life of Dad’, where after just 2 days it went viral online, garnering 2.5 million likes, and 78,000 shares.

Credits: Facebook | Life of Dad

Patrick Quinn, founder of Life of Dad explained: “[W]hen I posted it I thought a few of our fans would feel connected to it as I did. Then, within an hour, it was clear that I had underestimated the impact it would have with people as it was shared and liked hundreds of times per minute.”

“I think its really sweet,” Sarah told ABC. “My grandma would’ve loved this.”

Sarah then shared her grandma’s story with the Daily Mail Online, elaborating on the life her grandma led, which spanned 4 generations: from the great Depression, to her eventual remarriage in the 80s, to the day she held Kaylee in her arms.

“Grandma was always happy, I mean, she was smart as a whip, even at 101,” said Sarah. “She was funny and had lots of stories.”

Credits: Family Handout

When she was growing up, Rosa’s dad owned a fruit farm in Michigan—where she was born in 1913. Growing up on the farm, their family was fairly well off. Her dad was known to be the first in town to own a radio and a car. Rosa’s youngest daughter, Vine, recalled her memory of him:

“Grandpa was the one who liked to have new things and he was quite progressive so they always had the first of everything,” she said.

Credits: Family Handout

Vine explained how Rosa went to school in a one-room school-house, which grouped kids of all ages in a single room together with one teacher. Although Rosa wanted to go to college, her father dissuaded, her, telling her that she didn’t have to, because their family already made enough money. She eventually married Rubin in the mid 30’s with whom she bore all 3 of her children.

Credits: Family Handout

Rosa married twice more during the remaining years of her life. Her second husband, Mert, died during the 80s; and she eventually married her childhood friend Lennis Camfield a few years later. The two had been neighbors growing up, and even walked the same half-mile every day to school. Rosa had 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

Credits: Family Handout

With so many people touched by Sarah’s photo of Rosa and Kaylee together, it tells us something that transcends generations, and indeed human nature: that the bonds of love are constants in life, and in family—and this is something that will never change.