These teachers teach while holding babies for new moms, amazingly spreading compassion and knowledge together!

The teachers in this story will surely raise their level a notch higher in your hearts through their ways of being compassionate to their students. Acknowledging and encouraging young mothers’ effort to procure knowledge, these amazing teachers take care of their student’s babies in the classes they teach.

For most professors, it would be almost impossible to deliver a lecture in an environment where you had babies wailing, but in Professor Engelberg’s classroom, the set of rules are different—he seriously doesn’t have rules like “keep silent”. He understands the difficulties young mothers go through bringing up little ones, while continuing an education in spite of the challenges of being a parent. In appreciation of their passion to obtain knowledge, Engelberg and some other teachers, like him, are doing their bit to encourage these bold and strong mothers to keep going.

A young mother quickly picked up her young child when she realized it was going to disturb the class and prepared to walk out of her organizational behavior class, with her crying infant. That was when Engelberg revealed his true compassionate self!

He took the baby from the young mother’s arms and rocked the baby in his arms till the little one calmed down. Then he “continued the class as if nothing had happened,” The professor’s daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, wrote on her Facebook post proudly about her father.

This unusual and sweet behavior of the kind teacher quickly caught the attention of readers and the Facebook page went viral.

Sarit shared about her father’s teaching experience. Her father is a native of South Africa, and has been in the teacher profession for 45 years. Since he teaches for the master’s degree program at Hebrew University, majority of his students are older than the average college kid.

“There’s a lot of young moms and a lot of them have babies, and he encourages them to just bring their babies to class,” Sarit said.

“My dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren, so he just takes the baby,” Fishbaine told BuzzFeed News. “He’s the one that’s in motion, he’s walking around the class. So he just takes the baby and continues teaching.”

She added that it’s “not something unusual” for her 67-year-old social psychologist dad, since so many of his female students bring babies to class, and sometimes even breastfeed. “This is what I call an excellent organizational behavior lesson! Dad, you’re the best!” Fishbaine commented on her page describing her good natured and wonderful dad.

Professor Engelberg’s family was truly amazed at the kind of reaction the photo of his kind gesture brought about when it went viral all over the world! After being posted on Facebook, it was eventually shared to websites like Imgur, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter and applauded by commentators from across the globe.

The wife of Professor Engelberg, Fredi Siskind Engelberg told us, ““He’s gotten love letters!”

Engelberg himself, being a gentle, humble, and kindhearted soul does not quite understand what the hue and cry was all about. It was “so natural for him,” his daughter said.

“The way he sees the concept of getting education is not only learning the dry facts that you need to learn in class,” she continued, “but also learning values. And that’s the very important message that my dad wants to endow to the world.”

Source: Facbeook | התאחדות הסטודנטים והסטודנטיות בישראל

It is extremely heartwarming to learn that Engelberg is not just one of his kind. There are many more kindhearted professors who reveal their soft side in class.

Israeli professor (pictured above, bottom right) Bezalel Rihard also took it upon himself to intervene and contribute to getting a baby quiet down in class. He picked up the young boy, rocked him back and forth and continued with his lecture, as if it was the most natural thing to do.

©Facebook | Gal Aviran

William Martin, from Ben Gorion University, is another Professor who doesn’t bat an eyelid when it comes to little babies going cranky in class.  He just carried his student’s baby and let it fall asleep right in his arms, and the lecture continued as if nothing was amiss!

That’s multi-tasking at it’s finest—but of course it is not just a skill that you add in your curriculum vitae; it is to do with a kind and compassionate heart!

©Facebook | Hadass Arussi

Orit Gilor, from Bith Birl University, is one more teacher who encourages her students to continue with their education without letting a cranky baby get in the way. Being a mother herself, she understands and it comes naturally to her to pick up a fussy baby and rock her to sleep; just such a natural reaction of an experienced mother.

©Facebook | מור סבן

Dr Ile Belen is another kindhearted professor who takes it upon himself to calm down a young toddler during his lesson at Zfat University.

Doesn’t the baby look absolutely comfortable?

©Facebook | יהורם אור

 Professor Dan Oraien is Head of theater at West Galil University. He comfortably sat in class with one of his student’s child while she made her presentation.
©Facebook | התאחדות הסטודנטים והסטודנטיות בישראל

Teachers have once again proven to be the kind and noble souls and added an additional feather in their caps—of being ‘nannies’ to their student’s babies.

Teacher are undermined and poorly paid in most parts of the world, although their work is that of building the future of the nation.

Let us salute this gracious and dignified profession!