Mirror selfies of blogger in different shops reveal how dramatically lighting changes your looks!

A Russian blogger has conducted a little experiment–to discover how lighting in different clothing shops makes you look, and more importantly feel, completely different!

The way you look in the same outfit, same hairstyle and makeup may have a lot of contributing factors, the most important being lighting. Read on and perhaps you might want to consider redecorating your changing room, or the places you visit to party!

Many a times, the dress you try in the shopping mall trial room may not look the same in your dressing room. But don’t let your self esteem down. It happens to all of us. So what is it that causes that change.  A little experiment conducted by Inna, a Russian blogger, revealed some startling facts. Its like visiting the House of Mirrors in the funfair, with each one making you look completely different.

Inna takes a selfie before hitting the streets to shop–just your standard, everyday lighting



1. New Yorker–this greenish lighting makes Inna feel bigger than she really is


2. ZARA–Very dramatic lighting. Am I in a horror movie?

3. SELA–Beautiful, soft lighting…I feel a million bucks

4. MEXX–there’s so…little…space in here! And am I looking sickly?

5. Mango–ooh, I’m looking good.  Love the slight shine on my shoulders as well.

6. H&M–Pretty good lighting and a lot of space

7. Reserved–wow, I feel and look so fat in here!

We can see from Inna’s experiment that lighting is important, and harsh overhead lighting doesn’t make you look good. The best option for lighting is soft vertical lights on either side of the mirror.

So in order to combat any bad dressing room lighting you encounter, the best option is to walk around the shop with the outfit on. There, you can check out your reflection in different lighting and maybe get a 2nd opinion from a fellow shopper!