Bored hotel guest creates a “challenge” for housekeepers each day, the last one will touch your heart 

When this guest at a hotel in Azerbaijan found himself with no other choice but to stay in a hotel for more than a week, he decided to keep himself busy in a very unusual and creative way…

Going on a business trip and being in an unfamiliar place, amid strangers can get you down.  You’re away from your family, and then there’s the long meetings. You could always hang out with your colleagues after work, but let’s face it, there’s no joy there always, either. So what do you do? Go back to your hotel room and waste time, being bored.

One businessman decided to do something very creative with his hours spent in his hotel room. He started to leave little messages for the housekeeper–in the form of people, creatures and even cars created using towels, pillows and anything else readily available in his hotel room.

He created funny and innovative scenes by twisting and turning bed linen, rearranging the pillows and cushions in the most unusual of ways.

The housekeeper was truly amused and happy by the creations, and was looking forward to each new day. Instead of expecting to come to a dirty, messy room to clean up, she was wondering what it was she would find today!

These are the “messages” they sent to each-other over the space of 10 days.

(h/t: 22words)

A businessman, alone and bored in his hotel room, found a fun and creative way to keep himself amused

This certainly brought a smile to housekeeper’s face–so she left a smiley-face message!

The next day, the businessman continued this communication.  In the form of a very big smiley face!

So the housekeeper made the bed, and recreated the lovely arrangement…

And she left him this note:

Another innovative creation–a monster

Followed by this… whatever it is!

And this…um…any guesses?

The housekeeper always left a note, evaluating his new creation!

This cute little car seems to have been a favorite!

She wrote something this time….

It says, “You have cheered me up. Thank you!!!”

The following day she found this.

And one day she was surprised to see someone sitting at the desk, working in his dressing gown!

She was very impressed!

…And was truly touched when she walked in one morning to find this…a goodbye gift and heart