Fashion artist creates ‘delicious’ drawings from chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, and… more!

This gifted fashion illustrator knows how to create the most delicious drawings. Meet Edgar Artis, an illustrator who uses culinary ingredients to create eye-popping fashion designs!

Edgar Artis is well known for the fashion sketches he creates out of ordinary objects such as seashells, feathers, flower petals, and now food. His 2-D drawings pop into 3-D as soon as the crucial โ€˜ingredientโ€™ is added.

Now this Armenian artist’s fashion garments are “stitched”ย usingย whipped cream, M&Ms, French fries, and strawberries. Yummy!!!

“It takes [between] one and four hours to create one design,” Artis explained of his work.

“It depends on the difficulty of food structure. Sometimes it is very hard to shape the food how I want it.”

And even Artis can’t deny how delicious his work is. “I eat them while creating but not after [they are finished],” he said.

The most impressive aspect of Artis’ work is how he manages to turn even the simplest of things into something complex and beautiful.