In 56 years husband bought 55,000 dresses for beloved wife, becoming Guinness world record holder!

This husband loved buying exquisitely designed ballroom dresses made with the finest materials for his beloved wife. Over the years, this exclusive collection has made him a world famous dress collector, and now some of these are being put up for auction!

The 1950’s was a time of romantic ballroom dancing, and for Paul Brockman, 78, and Margot, 76, this has been their favorite past time. For the ballroom dance events, Paul loved to gift his wife the most elegant gowns that he could find. After decades of buying her these vintage dresses, Paul is now auctioning some of them off.


Paul proudly showing the dresses he bought for his beloved wife Margot.

Credits: Facebook | 55ThousandDresses

Paul and his elegant wife Margot in one of the dresses he bought for her.

Credits: Facekbook | 55ThousandDresses

Ballroom dresses are made with meters upon meters of fabric so that they could swirl beautifully while dancing.

“I was fascinated by the dresses from the ’50s. The petticoats and the wide skirts made a woman look real feminine. And that is what I really liked. When I see a gal with a dress like that,” he said, “I wanted to get her on the dance floor.”

Paul and Margo ballroom dancing on a big occasion.

Credits: Facebook | 55ThousandDresses
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Whether they danced the cha-cha or tango, Margot had an outfit for every one of these occasions. Paul says he really loved the romantic 1950 style dresses and always purchased them alone, while Margot was seeing to the household. They have two children, and Paul who worked as a contractor surprised his wife for decades with these beautiful gifts as a token of his love for her.

He said he purchased them from all over the United States and some even at yard sales. He has discovered that some of these dresses are antiques now and are valuable.

“Margot is the love of my life and has remained so to this very day. I followed her to the United States and was disowned by my own family for doing so back in the ’50s,” Paul wrote on his Web site.

Margot’s dresses on a display.

Credits: Facekbook | 55ThousandDresses
Credits: Facekbook | 55ThousandDresses

Paul and Margot met in the 50’s in Germany, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. The Brockmanns by then already had 25,000 dresses. Paul continued his dress collection and now has double the number!

The most surprising fact is that Margot has not even worn all of them yet!

“And I kept collecting dresses,” Paul told LA Weekly. “With my wife in mind that she’s gonna wear them. We went ballroom dancing every week, and I wanted her to have a different dress for every dance.”

Margot going through her “rose garden” of ballroom gowns.

Credits: Facekbook | 55ThousandDresses

“At the time of purchasing the dresses I really had no idea about designer names, but I am discovering dresses that date back to the 1940s from designers such as Oscar de La Renta and Vera Wang,” Paul told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

‘I do have some of my favorites that aren’t for sale,’ he tells. ‘From the very first one I bought my wife to the one that makes the perfect swoosh sound.’

Credits: Facekbook | 55ThousandDresses

Now Paul and Margot are auctioning off their collection, as they have some expenses to cover, and these dresses have proved to be both a worthy investment and a lifelong pleasure.

Needless to say that they will indeed keep some of their favorites as souvenirs of a wonderful life spent together.

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