20-year-old beats anorexia: On verge of death, girl bravely turns a new leaf

This 20-year-old was first diagnosed with anorexia when she was just 14 years old. It was only when she realized she may lose her life that she made a drastic decision to reverse ways. She has gone from a destructive lifestyle of self-loathing, to one of fitness, and healthy living.

Emma Hynard, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire suffered from anorexia and was reduced to skin and bones, having plummeted to just 70 lbs. Anorexia is a condition that is linked to the psychology of the patient. The person fears putting on weight and resorts to all means to avoid obtaining any kind of nourishment.

Emma was first diagnosed with anorexia when she was just 14 years old, and by the time she turned 20 she was already flirting near death.

Her doctors had to finally lay it on her bluntly that she would die if she would not take care of herself and seek help. Her organs were beginning to fail, and there was no other way but to take action immediately.

The young woman had grown so weak she could barely do anything for herself, and needed help even to perform basic tasks.

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The doctors’ words finally shook some sense into her, and she decided to bravely turn a new leaf by stopping her destructive self-harming lifestyle. She increased her calorie intake and involved herself in physical activities, studying sports and exercise at the University.

Emma understood the pain of it all, and has shared online her ordeal and tribulations, as well as the transformation she went through—hoping to reach out to others like her, who have been battling that same dreaded mental and physical anguish.

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Emma said: “I started dieting at 14 years old but it all spiralled out of control very quickly.

“I had spent five months in hospital when I overheard doctors saying I was at high risk of imminent death.

“I was on a feeding tube as my body was so weak that I could barely do anything for myself.

“My heart, liver and kidneys were failing and with every bone in my body visible, I suddenly realised (sic) I was running out of time and needed to start eating.

Every bone in her body was visible, while internally her heart, liver and kidneys were failing.

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“I had battled anorexia for four years before I finally managed to beat it once and for all.

“I have been in recovery for 18 months now and I know I’ll never hit rock bottom again.

“I go to the gym and lift weights instead of focusing solely on cardio and shedding the weight.”

Emma battled anorexia for four years before she beat it once and for all.

Finally, Emma realized that she needed urgent medical help, and that enough was enough. She went through treatment for a whole year in a hospital battling against anorexia. Although she was just 70 lb., she believed in her mind that she was overweight, and that mentality had been the cause of her entire situation all along. She had to mentally accept that her thinking was not normal.

Credits: Carters News
Credits: Carters News

She added: “Looking back at photos now is crazy, I didn’t feel that I was that thin at the time.

“I was so fixated by not eating and losing weight that I hadn’t even acknowledged how fragile I’d become.

“I was terrified when doctors began discussing how close to death I was, my organs weren’t working properly as I’d starved my body for such a long time.

“I’d go days without eating a single thing and although I couldn’t explain why, I was scared of eating and it made me anxious.”

Emma, who is 5 ft, 5”, was a normal happy child, but when she got into her teens, she became conscious of her outward looks.

This is the main cause of most cases with anorexia. The media and society have become so obsessed with thinness that impressionable young girls are often lured into internalizing a false false idea of beauty.

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Fortunately for Emma, she realized her mistake before it was too late, and agreed to follow her doctor’s advice. She is now a healthy size 8, and hopes to become a personal trainer.

She added: “I started dieting and it all went from there, and once I decided to try and recover, I needed to eat twice as much food to repair my body.

“But unlike when I had relapsed previously, this time I wanted to get fit and healthy.

“As soon as I was well enough, I began going to the gym and building muscle.

“I now power-lift and focus on strength when in the gym rather than weight loss.

Emma is now super fit, and has gained more muscle and strength from working out at the gym.

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“Another factor in my recovery was going on a medical trial in London which aims to help people battling anorexia by using magnetic brain stimulation in an attempt to change habits.

“This really helped me.”

This entire transformation took 18 months to happen, and she was finally able to overcome her eating disorder. With the right mental and medical support… and with enough determination, she is now in better health and looking better than ever!

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Emma has transformed her life and her body.

Emma said: “I can never imagine having that mind-set again, I’m 100 per cent sure I won’t relapse again.

“I’m really happy with my life now and I hope to become a personal trainer someday too.

“I decided to create a blog, called Finding Emma, to update everyone easily as I was always being asked questions.

“But I quickly decided to make it public so I could raise awareness for anorexia and how I beat the disease.

“I’ve had lots of lovely messages from people who have been through something similar.

“It’s amazing being able to help inspire others to recover and seek the help they desperately need.

“I know I have been exceptionally lucky to have come back from being so unwell and that’s why it’s so important to spread the word.”

It takes a lot of courage to turn around and to change the warped thinking behind these kinds of disorders, which take a toll on the body and the mind. And Emma has proved to be one gutsy gal. Now, she has shared her experience online in order to inspire and encourage others suffering from the same plight.