This Easter get into the spirit with a package of exciting creations to share with loved ones

It’s Easter! Jump for joy, laugh and have fun with friends and family and share the spirit by creating an Easter atmosphere with these awesome quick an easy to do fun crafts.

Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled. Here is an opportunity in which we can enjoy each other’s company while creating these exciting Easter projects. Easter celebrations are a perfect opportunity to renew our faith in humanity, eternal love and divinity. The special family-time that we spend together during Easter holidays, become precious moments to be cherished along with our loved ones.

Enjoy making these fun creations!

1. Shaving cream Easter Eggs

Credits: ©Instructables | DeandrasCrafts

With dad’s shaving cream and mom’s food coloring you have a perfect combination.  Mix them up, drop the hard boiled eggs in, roll them around and watch the magic happen! A messy activity! What fun!

2. Bunny ears headband

Credits: ©

Simply stitch it together and tie to the Alice-band and you have instant bunny ears for the whole family!

Credits: ©

3. Gorgeous lavender wreath

Credits: ©Meghan Caudill |

In 15 minutes you can have a beautiful wreath whose fragrance will last for weeks. Celebrate this Easter by gracing your home with this purple beauty.

4. Cute pom pom Easter bunny

Credits: ©

Children have heard of the bunny that carries Easter eggs to the homes of children the night before Easter. With a needle and cotton sew the little ears and stick on beady eyes and whiskers. Also, place some chocolate eggs for the little ones to wake up to.

You can also  find out more DIY ideas to make some interesting toys for your kids in this Easter season on the below video: