Add a sophisticated and luxurious look to your home with a touch of gold

These brilliant DIY ideas using rich gold paint will quickly transform dull, boring items around your home into precious ‘jewels’.

Gold can add sophistication and class to just about everything—a piece of furniture, some jewelry or stationary. It is a universally accepted color to signify royalty. So, go on, take a bold step and convert your home into a splendid palace. With just the objects already available around your home and a pot of gold paint, you can get started right now!

 1. Gold coffee mugs/bowls

via Garland of Grace

Cover the mugs as desired with masking tape to create a design you like. Spray matte-finish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint. Once dry apply a coat of a sealer for ceramic.

2.Convert an ordinary chair into a throne

©Our Fifth House

Spray a few coats of gold paint and allow time to dry.

3. Select a few rocks from the lot and paint them gold


You can buy rocks from the dollar store and select 1/3 of the unusual ones. Go ahead and paint them gold. Use them in centerpieces or fill them up in vases.

4. Glam up your study–paint your globe in gold

©The Katie Kime Blog

Add a touch of gold to your white globe and watch your study take an absolutely sophisticated look.

5. Golden office desk accessory holders

Pick up simple transparent dishes and paint them with the gold paint. Once dry, you can use them to place miscellaneous stuff like paper clips, etc.

6. Cork and gold pen holders

©Craft Hunter

Give the cork pen cups a golden accent. You will need cylinder containers, craft glue, cork sheets, gold spray paint, rubber bands and pegs.

7. Painted quartz crystals

Quartz Crystals

Crystals have their own charm, but you can pick a few from your collection and paint some of the quartz crystals gold. Place them along with the usual ones and watch how they lend another level of shine to the already existent ones.

You may even paint the crystals partially to give a different look.

8. Stylish gold fan

©Delinate your dwelling

A white colored fan loses its charm pretty quickly as it gets older. Add some gold spray paint and watch it transform into a glamorous new fan!

9. Gilded seashells


Choose some of your collection of seashells and spray paint with gold. Place them along with the natural looking ones in a tray. This tray of seashells will lend a charm to any room.

10. Golden shell candles


Another brilliant idea with your larger sea shells. Paint them golden, pour in wax and convert them into the most extraordinary little candles!

11. Golden spoons

©Sarah Khandjian

If your cutlery is all white, it can look a bit too modern and plain. Add a little gold paint and transform the porcelain mini spoons—see how gorgeous they look!

12. Gild your business cards

©Camille Styles

Add some class to your business cards by providing a touch of gold along the edges.  They’ll definitely make a statement.

13. Golden jewelry holder from nature


Choose a branch of a tree, preferably with some sub-branches and paint it completely with a gold spray paint. Attach the main branch onto the wall. You may now hang your precious jewelry on it.

14. Gold iPhone Cases

Spruce up your mobile cases—this will truly add value to your old mobile phones. Apply a thin coat of the gold in the pattern you like , or otherwise, just cover the whole case in gold. Remember to apply a very thin coat as a thick coat may chip off easily.

15. Golden hangers

The Country Chic Cottage

An absolutely simple trick and you end up with a hanger on which you can hang pictures in style.  All you need is a hanger, gold spray paint and a few minutes.

16. Gold painted moldings


Paint the moldings in the wall with gold paint, and watch your plain walls transform like they were touched by Versailles.

17. Gold plated Christmas lights


This year, add a touch of gold to your Christmas lights by spray painting them. They will make your front porch look super glamorous.

18. Golden pots for indoor plants


Add a simple shape, say a triangle, as shown here on your pots and glam them up. The pots will look great in your drawing room.

Gold really stands out when surrounded by neutral colors. So use your discretion and mix the gold colored items with what you think goes best with it. The trick is to know where to stop–but don’t hesitate to start on some of your plain items!