8 fantastic ways to turn a simple bucket into an extremely useful product

Got any buckets lying around your garage? They’re almost part of the furniture, right?

In fact, these buckets are actually pretty useful–they come in handy when gardening or working in the yard. They can be used to catch rain water, carry tools, and use for a rubbish bin. There are also lots of ways to re-purpose buckets. They’re strong, versatile, and if you use your imagination, they can be just about anything you want them to be.

Apart from everyday uses, there other many ways we can give the ordinary bucket a second life. These 7 clever ways to re-use buckets will get you going. Try out these great projects yourself!

1. An off-the-grid washing machine

Credits:  intructables.com

With a few tools you can have a clean wash even when camping. This convenient DIY washing machine is just what you need to look great wherever you are.

 2. A bucket beehive to enliven the declining bee population

bucket beehive
Credits: intructables.com

Worried about the decline in the bee population? They pollinate our crops and are essential to our well-being, but due to widespread pesticide use, their existence is threatened. You can help save the bees, one hive at a time. All you have to do is create this bucket-home for the bees to make a hive in.

3. This bucket air conditioner will keep you cool in summer

bucket airconditioner
Credits: intructables.com
If you need little bit of extra cool air blowing in your direction, this portable air conditioning unit might be just right! With a simple bucket, Styrofoam bucket lining, a fan, some popsicle bags and PVC, you can be cool anywhere.

4. Ingenius bike panniers to carry your groceries home and get some exercise at the same time!

bike buckets
Credits: intructables.com
These panniers buckets are great for using as storage during long rides. The inventor of these ingenious bucket bags spent less than $20 to make them, and they’re easy to put on and take off your bike as you need them.

5. Bucket shelves to organize the kids’ sports equipment

bucket storage
Credits: intructables.com

Recycle garage buckets of the same size and stack them up to make a bucket shelf.  Don’t forget to secure them together well. A great way to organize that messy garage so you can see all of your great sports equipment or tools.

 6. This bucket speaker will liven up your music

9. Bucket Speaker
Credits: intructables.com

You don’t need an expensive speaker system when you can create cool sounds with a plastic bucket. This boombox is fun and  has great acoustics for when you’re on a picnic and  you want to listen to your favorite tunes.

7. A cool glowing ice bucket centerpiece

5 Minute Throwie Glowing Ice Cube Bucket
Credits:  intructables.com

8. Bucket shelves

retirado: reciclagem,jardinagem e decoração
retirado: reciclagem,jardinagem e decoração

An atmospheric glowing ice bucket for night barbecues and parties. With a transparent ice bucket, a few LED throwies or glowing lights, plastic wrap and wood makes for a very exciting DIY project.

To create things from everyday materials gives a great sense of satisfaction. And you will feel extra good helping the earth by recycling and reusing, reducing waste caused by non-biodegradable items.