10 items we throw away that should be up-cycled instead!

There are always new ways to upcycle. Items we think of as disposable, don’t necessarily have to be thrown away.

Sometimes one tosses empty containers, plastic lids, and plastic bags in the bin. It always leaves us feeling a little bit guilty doing that, because we do know that not all of these things are biodegradable. If we just look around, we can find many uses for them–saving money and at the same time helping to save mother earth.

There are so many great ideas to choose from, it’s quite inspiring. It is difficult to decide which one to choose first. It’s good to know there are so many creative folks out there willing to share their ideas with the rest of us!

Have a look and let us know if we did not include any of your favorite up-cycling ideas for everyday items that most people choose to throw away.

 1. Paint can lids–create a funky clock

Upcycling ideas: paint can clock

Lids of paint cans make a whimsical clock. By Instructables user sherry.clodfelter.39. Gather paint lids, paint,  glue, a grid, and a battery clock device and assemble them according to Sherry’s instructions.

 2.Toilet paper roll flowers

Upcycling ideas: toilet roll flowers

So natural looking, empty toilet rolls, scissors and glue, follow the pattern for this decoration

These cardboard flowers might be a new favorite idea from the folks at Hello There Handmade.

 3. Bottle caps create a chic clock

Upcycling ideas: bottle cap mirror
Instructables/Mark Montano
A stunning mirror by Mark Montano for a boho-chic accent with bottle-tops, wood, glue and a mirror.

4. With left-over colored paper make a paper rose–because you’re worth it!

Origami Magic Rose Cube
by Timothee Gillier in Paper  / Instructables

With colored paper and elastic, make a rose for the perfect romantic gesture.

 5. A cardboard cat igloo

Cardboard Cat Igloo Househttp://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Cat-Igloo-House/ by miniil in Cardboard

Cats love playing in cardboard boxes. Now they can have their own customized cardboard box igloos. Cardboard, glue and strong scissors are what you need.

 6. Milk jug wrapping paper

milk jug present

The handles can be cut off and used as scoops, or the whole jug painted to look like an an animal for decor, but this idea of using the milk jug to wrap a present in–be it for shoes, or a sweater by Instructables craftknowitall is definitely one of the more inventive projects made available.

Upcycling ideas: salt and pepper shakersDream a Little Bigger

This keeps salt and pepper safe and dry. Using clean baby food jars, and a little paint, this is a simple and easy item to make.

8. Wine corks for playful jewelry

Upcycling ideas: cork necklace
Instructables/Little Treasure

This embroidered necklace from Maya Little Treasures is charming. You’ll need embroidery cotton, needle, thread chain and wine corks to create a lovely hand made necklace.

9. Egg cartons lights

Upcycling ideas: egg carton lights

Pretty lights from instructables user mcco4371.    Egg boxes, electrical wire, paint, and scissors are all you need to make a homely atmosphere.

10. An old dresser makes a cool sandbox for the kiddo

The Upcycled DIY Sandbox
 An old dresser turns into a new sandbox–pretty nifty hey? Just an old dresser, paint, tools, and sand and we have a new play area. By Confessions of a Refashionista in Backyard